Web of Life

Pure Consciousness, which is the heart, includes all
Nothing is outside or apart from it
That is the ultimate Truth

                                                                           – Ramana Maharshi

In this  vast universe – with all its stars, galaxies, and solar systems – there is one planet, graced with incredible natural beauty, the symphony of the five elements and the beauteous  presence of “life”.

Our dear Planet Earth – home to Life in its multitudinous forms.

Be it the plant that blooms slowly, the animal that prowls confidently or the man that marches quickly – all are expressions of Life and one unified consciousness. Each living being that contributes to life on Earth is part of the Earth’s natural harmony, intricately connected to an invisible web that sustains all life.

What is the Web of Life ?

Planet Earth is an interconnected web of life.  Each end point is also a beginning. This complex web of life is composed of animate species and inanimate resources. Any attempt to tug at or destroy a single strand and the whole web unravels. What seems like disparate strands suddenly unite as one.

The diversity of Life forms on Planet Earth is absolutely mind boggling – she has birthed and nurtured more than 8 Million species. No wonder then that she is revered as  “Mother Earth”. 

So what are these invisible strands that connect us on Earth? 

Unity of Life

Is it possible that all 8 million+ life forms and all vast inanimate matter are bound together?

To a casual observer, it does not seem possible that such infinite variety could arise from one source. However, the scientific enquiry of India’s Vedic Seers – the Rishis have proved that there does exist an underlying unity to all this chaotic diversity.

This underlying unity of all life forms on earth and all matter or inanimate resources on Planet Earth and also the entire Cosmos are the Pancha MahaBhutas, Pancha Tattvas  or the 5 Elements.

Just like how the all mammals are bound together by  blood, so also the Panchamahabhutas course through all of creation. Pancha MahaBhuta is a Sanskrit word. Pancha in Sanskrit is 5. Mahabhuta – basic component.